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Sacred Nadi Readings



for Sri Sathya Sai Baba

(from book: "Sacred Nadi Readings", Mukthi Nilayam)


Important note:

*Swami, Sai Baba, is referred to as Mayava in many of the nadis.

*Mother mentioned in nadis is Amma, Sri Vasantha Sai. It is explained in full version of nadis



Date: 24 May 2011

[...]Bhagavan Sri Sathya Baba is an Avatar of Shirdi Baba. He descended here in Kali Yuga to remove the sufferings of the world's people. [...]

He descended in Kali Yuga as Truth, to save the world from destruction. He came in a physical form and preached many subtle truths. After He left His physical body, He went to the heavens. Yet, this is not death; it was not the time for Him to die. He came here to remove destructions, so left the physical body and went to Swarga (Heaven). There He showered His grace on the 9 planets, the devas and the celestial army.

[…] On this day, wherever you look the wind and rain will come. Then Swami will come in His form in Andhra Pradesh in Prasanthi Nilayam. In the same month of His birth on the day of the Thiruvathirai Star. [...] Bhagavan comes in a human form to remove the sufferings and sorrows of all. [...]



Date: 25 May 2011

Raja Maharishi Viswamitra offers worship to Shiva and Parvathi and gives the general Kaandam reading for Swami. He is Madhava, coming in another form of Mayava*, to show Maya (ilusion). At the time of seeing this nadi, His body is no longer here. Yet, there is some confusion. His body is not here, yet His body is here. He will once again return and join the body, which He has prepared before He left His body. On the day of the Rohini star, the day of Krishna’s birth, He will unite with that body. Within three months, He will show a vision of Himself. No one knows of Him joining with this body. It is at this time all on the earth will benefit. It is not possible for Him to come before this, as He has not established Himself in that state. Even if He were to declare this to the people, they would never accept Him. They do not possess the correct mentality. The people would insult, tease and ridicule Him. This is a testing time for Him. Thus, He will only give darshan at the age of 86. [...]



Date: 25 May 2011

Saga Suka offers worship to Lord Muruga. This is Swami’s Nadi. At the time of seeing Swami‘s Nadi, both He and parents are no longer on the earth. [...]

[...] You left the body before declaring this to the world. It is for this reason that You will make the same form come again. Before You left the body, You prepared another form and made it take birth. This is Your* Atma disciple. When this Atma Disciple leaves that form, Your Atma (Spirit, soul) will enter that form at the time of its death. This is a medical miracle!

He will enter that form and all will call it rebirth! At that time, He will introduce Himself, telling all who He was. At the age of 86, He will enter the male body then give a vision of His form. [...] He will live in the body until the age of 93. [...]

*He will enter the body of His Atma Disciple means Yoga Maya body. Swami left His Maya body and entered a Yoga Maya body, Atma Disciple, the same form. This is a medical miracle.



Date: 25 May 2011

[...]You have performed many types of service through the path of love. Though You are Ranganatha, You have performed many charitable acts. You have saved the lives of many. Though You have done so much, You have only won a 2% victory.
[...] You said, ‘I will declare, I will declare‘ and then You disappeared! What is the explanation? You Yourself should explain! It is for this that You are now waiting for a body. You will enter a body within three months and will preach to all about Yourself. This will be a very testing time for You. […]



Date: 25 May 2011

This is the Deva Rishi Nadi for Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He begins by worshipping Parvathi Devi and will now tell of the Sai Avatar.

You have already seen the nadi written by Vashista telling of Swami before. I am telling this Deva Rishi Nadi at a time when He is no longer on this earth. How then can I be happy to tell when He is not here? However, two months reading this nadi, He will once again descend on earth giving happiness to all. [...]

At the age of 88, Mayava Swami and Mother will perform a yagna together in Prasanthi Nilayam for the well being of the world. At Swami’s age of 93, they will both leave their physical bodies. At that time, Mother’s body will be transformed into a light and merge in the chest of Mayava.



Date: 25 May 2011

This is Swami’s Nadi. I, Bogar, offer worship to Lord Nataraja. I will now tell Sai’s horoscope. [...] As Saturn caught hold of Swami, Mayava made some changes to His state and left that physical body. He must hide from Saturn. He hid from the physical body at the time when Saturn came in His horoscope and left the form. He told Saturn, ‘You take My physical body. I, the Atma, will live outside‘. Thus, He has now left the physical body.

Though this is so, Mayava made another body in His Maya state. It is on the day of Rohini's star that He will enter that body. He will then show Himself outside three months later. After He comes outside, He will have peace. He will continue with the task as He has done for the last 85 years. Though the body will be younger, it will have the maturity and experience of 85 years. He comes again and will remain only for 7 more years. Many changes will happen on earth during these seven years. […]
At His age of 93, the body of Mother, will become a jyothi and merge in His body. At this time, the whole world will accept this.



Date: 27 May 2011

[…] The body that performed these great deeds and the body that all have seen so far is not His real body. It is a Maya body. At this time, when He has left His body, those disciples who have not ‘hated’ His wisdom are now desperate not knowing what to do.

There is no cunningness involved in what has taken place. It is only that God decided Himself to take rest. It is the state of the Lord at rest.

What is going to happen in the future as regards to His physical form? The circumstances in which he was surrounded were not conducive for Him to function in His Complete state; knowing this, He accepted this state, enjoying it. He has done this for the purpose of performing many wonders. This is not ordinary. This state has been adopted in order to perform some other miracles and wonders.

Though the Lord has discarded His body, there is not even the slightest decrease in the flow of His grace. Whatever the Lord has so far declared will come to pass and will not change in the slightest. After Saturn enters Libra on the day of the full moon, the Lord will give a vision of Himself in His present form. This will be a true vision of His real body. It will be seen by many who will be filled with wonder and amazement. However, before this wondrous event takes place a few disciples maybe found to be entangled in claims to be the heirs to the Lord. There will be some dispute and quarrel as to who is in charge. Some may even claim that they themselves are the Avatar. Some may feel that they possess the requirements, strength and power to be the Avatar. Yet all these ideas are incorrect and such a thing could never happen. The descent of Sathya Sai Baba is the same as ten incarnations of Narayana in one.

Lord Shiva now tells that a vision will be seen not only in India but all over the world. It will be the same form, but in different places. Many people will be filled with wonder and claim to see him here and there. In fact, He will be seen in different places at the same time by many people. Just like the one who has come to seek the reading for Sathya Sai, many others will come and receive blessings.



Date: 14 June 2011

[…] Now He has left His body; His Atma left the body. It is at this time the nadi has been read. There is also a reason for this. It is at this time that Mother has also taken birth, grown and lived. It is from that body, Mayava will come again. She will get a vision of Mayava at His age of 85 and then from the age of 86, He will be in Mukthi Nilayam fully. He is God, who will then perform many poojas for the different gods. All He will do Himself.

[...] At the age of 93 years, they will leave Bhooloka with their soldiers. It is at this time He will reveal the details of His next birth.



Date: 14 June 2011

I worship Lord Vinakya and will now reveal Swami’s horoscope.

He has taken birth to show the life principle. At the time of taking this nadi, He is in the Atmic state. There is no language, no body, The Atma cannot speak. Therefore, as He has no body, He will speak through His thoughts. He has no earthly body. He will come again to earth. He will come again and reach earth. That is His destiny. Sixty days from today, He will come into another state. [...]

Swami left the body, but the people on earth are still thinking about Him. At the age 88, people on earth will accept Him without doubt, blemish or shortcoming. He will live for 7 years. He will perform a big yagna with the blessings of the 5 elements. Then, He will travel to all places. Not only India, but He will cross seas to the foreign lands. He will do all this for 7 years. In the seventh year, His consort in Mukthi Nilayam will merge into Him. His Atma will then separate and He will also leave. He will take all His devotees with Him, like going on a journey together. After two years, He will again take human birth [as Prema Sai]. In that birth, He will have child.

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