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Sai Baba's Come Back


We will be soon witnessing one of greatest wonder in our history, it will be great Swami's come back in new physical body. It is Sathya Sai divine body on physical level. It is not like resurrection with old body, but created by His Divine Will a new body to come to us, to finish His task bringing Sathya Yuga and fulfilling his words given till now. We all know that Swami gone to mahasamadhi before His foretold term, before finishing His task and not disappearing in Chitravati river as He told. But who can understand His lilas?

After leaving His old physical body, karmic body, He is taking now a new body, divine body. It is the same form, Sathya Sai, in age about 58. Swami in new form will work for 7 years before leaving earth in age of 93 (counting from date of birth of first form). That is not Prema Sai. Prema Sai is future and separate incarnation.

That is greatest miracle to awake people around the world, to vitalise our devotion, to bring us on higher spiritual level. All evil will be transformed or punished (depending on individual capability to be transformed) to establish Sathya Yuga as He promised.


My visions

All of us were shocked when He left His body but let us see what it was. Just after 23th April 2011, (the day of Swami's mahasamadhi) I had a vision about His karmic body to understand meaning of this:

25/04/2011: Vision:

“I was lying in bed after pray and meditation. My mind was still immersed in thoughts of Swami. All my feelings were concentrated on Him. I was deeply asking Swami: “Why, why, why...” then Swami showed to me His body laying above me and next He joined His body with mine. My consciousness was in His body to feel and understand directly what is going on with His body. I felt every single cell in His body and every single cell was like decayed wood, full of grey energy. I felt that each cell of His physical karmic body contains karmas of someone so whole His body take karmas of all people away and burns it out.

In taht vision Swami showed me that He gets rest im my prema feelings flowing to Him from deepnes of my heart. That made me very happy and more and more devoted and totally offered to Him.”

End of vision.

So to save us from Kali destruction Swami took away most of our karmas. Rest of our karma is in our gesture but no longer to enslave us but to stimulate our spiritual progress. So still our responsibilities for own transformation. It is in our hands but karma is not at level to destroy us.

Next vision symbolically showed to me that Swami is going to come back:

19/04/2011: Vision:

"Men in white long robe looking like Jesus was laying in open coffin. Around Him was many people clothed white. They were standing around coffin and were useless. They were sad, calm and helpless. Suddenly somebody come from outside, and he put golden five-pointed star into coffin, under His head. In the same moment He has got resurrected and sat fully alive and healthy."

End of vision.

The “five pointed star” is symbol of Shakthi power, which is bringing Him back. As I know, many other devotees had visions about Swamis's come back and many had visions of His new divine body. All is more or less symbolically and only Swami knows when and how He is going to do this. Especially Amma, Sri Vasantha Sai form Mukthi Nilayam Ashram says us a lot about Swami's come back. Many can believe or not, “is it our dream or reality going to come”. But if we think about all this as His master plan, all doubts will be vanished straight away...


Sacred Nadi Readings

Nadis are sacred palm leaf texts written many thousands of years ago by sages and siddhas. It is not our imaginations, wishes or visions made now, but written thousands years ago texts showing that it is His master plan, nothing else. Don't think, that Swami changed anything, He planned everything thousands years ago perfectly and asked sages to write. He knew, that today’s people are full of doubts so then to vanish all doubts He ask now to reveal all this ancients texts to prepare us for His coming back in same Sathya Sai form. On next page are short quotations from wonderful book “Sacred Nadi Readings” where there many great secrets about Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Sri Vasantha Sai are revealed. I will concentrate on Swami's come back only, but there is much much more valuable treasures to discover in this book containing 124 pages. It is not just one sage telling about Swami but many great sages showing this matter from many viewpoints.

Many of us may have question: “why He did not tell straight away everything?” Answer is very simple, some events are told but many are not, or told in indirect way to understand after. This is to bring us through our prayers and feeling on higher level, to get transformation through sadhana and high feelings. If we knew everything in details we would not have so strong and intensive feelings connected to God. So God makes a drama unknown in details for us to make us more aware, more conscious. This is the key for our spiritual progress.

In Editor's Notes in this book we read:

“[...]At this critical juncture in world history, Sri Sathya Sai Baba instructed Vasantha Amma to take these readings and release them as a book. Now, Sri Sathya Sai Baba has begun to appear in physical form in front of devotees. This is the sign of the times and is fulfilling the prophecies contained herein. Let the world rejoice and pray for His immediate blessed return and the successful completion of this great Avataric task of liberation for all. Let there be peace on earth and goodwill between all people and all nations! Sai Ram.”

In the book in Prologue Amma says:

“Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is not an ordinary Avatar. All think that He has left His body. Not only ordinary people, but also those who were close to Him think in this way. It is true that He has ‘left the body’. However, it is also true that He will come again with the same form. This is something that never happened in any of the previous Avatars. Did this happen in the lives of Rama and Krishna? No. [...] Swami is like a thousand Ramas and a thousand Krishnas in one form. He can do anything! [...]”

And again Amma:

”Each sage describes God in his own way. In reality, none has perceived God in His Absolute form. No one can fully describe God. All only try and tell from their standpoint. A nadi can be written for men. It may be accurate. Though there are many nadi texts, who can write the nadi for God? God and His Shakthi are not different.” ( from her the book Brahma Sutra)

The book can be ordered via website Lot of thanks for Amma, Sri Vasantha Sai and Mukthi Nilayam ashramities for great job.


Swami T.P. Prasanthinanda


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