/en/sa/ Sai Baba's Come Back

Swami's Come Back


We will be soon witnessing one of greatest wonder in our history, it will be great Swami's come back in new physical body. It is Sathya Sai divine body on physical level. It is not like resurrection with old body, but created by His Divine Will a new body to come to us, to finish His task bringing Sathya Yuga and fulfilling his words given till now. We all know that Swami gone to mahasamadhi before His foretold term, before finishing His task and not disappearing in Chitravati river as He told. But who can understand His lilas?

After leaving His old physical body, karmic body, He is taking now a new body, divine body. It is the same form, Sathya Sai, in age about 58. Swami in new form and will work for 7 years before leaving earth in age of 93 (counting from date of birth of first form). That is not Prema Sai. Prema Sai is future and separate incarnation.

That is greatest miracle to awake people around the world, to vitalise our devotion, to bring us on higher spiritual level. All evil will be transformed or punished (depending on individual capability to be transformed) to establish Sathya Yuga as He promised...


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